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Re: "what's up"

Stefan Rieken wrote:
> Hello,
> I am new to this list. And new to independence.
> I am a Debian user. I have one general question about independence: is
> it still useful to do independence? Or has this merely become a
> neck-to-neck race with the already-settled distributions that now aim
> for user-friendlyness, too?
> Greets,
> Stefan

In Jewish culture when a farmer reaps his crop he should leave whatever 
scrap doesn't get caught in his sweep for the widows and orphans to 
collect.  Corel, RedHat and Mandrake are the "farmers" and we are the 
"Widows and Orphans".

They work towards ease of use but there are many things they neglect 
to include.  Indi dose those things and levees it up to the big distroes 
to include them or not.  Mandrake has put some of our stuff in.