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Re: cron job?

> I also logoff and power down when I'm not using the machine. I have no
> need to keep it running. I was just not sure that if after so much up
> time goes by, a file cleaning or other job is being started
> automatically. I am resonably sure now that that is not the case. (See
> my next post to Kevin)

Linux OOTB assumes you have your machine
turned on 24/7. We are (supposed to be) doing away with that assumption.

It looks like Indy-6.0-0.8 includes anacron which is supposed to do away
with the need to be up 24/7. Our version appear to be configured to
gaurantee that all the daily jobs are dealt with even if the box gets
powered down.

What version of cron do you have installed ? Perhaps you might want to
grab anacron from the ftp site.