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Re: cron job?

On Sat, 27 Nov 1999, Bud wrote:
> While using KDE, you can type top in the terminal and see what is going on with
> each application. Leave it as you work and then if it begins doing whatever you
> will see what app is taking all the resources.
> Someone has already mentioned this so looks my idea may be a good one.
That's a good idea Bud (and thanks to David also), but if the window
that top is running in gets covered with another window or is on a
different desktop I will have trouble bringing the window to the top of
the z order or changing to another desktop. When this starts to happen
it may take 5 or 10 min after clicking on the window or changing
desktops for the change to take place. X Window is almost locked. It
respond very, very slowly,  if at all.
> I turn my computer off each day so I probably will never be presented with that
> problem. However, after so many reboots the disk is checked  which takes a few
> minutes, I know it can be changed by changing the chron file but I expect it is
> a good idea to check the HD for errors and files.
I also logoff and power down when I'm not using the machine. I have no
need to keep it running. I was just not sure that if after so much up
time goes by, a file cleaning or other job is being started
automatically. I am resonably sure now that that is not the case. (See
my next post to Kevin)


R.G. Mayhue