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cron job?

Hello fellow patriots,

Twice now (in as many months), something has started and run on my
system when I was in the middle of something important and caused me to
loose much work. I think it is a system related job. Like a cron file
cleaning job or something. The hard drive starts to thrash with
constant activity and it uses so much of the system's resources that X
Window applications become unresponsive. Typing or moving the cursor
becomes almost impossible. This can go on for about anywhere between 15
to 30 min. In the end X will crash catching a signal 7 and all unsaved
work is lost 8(

Even at a console bash prompt it is almost, if not impossible, to get
bash to display the running processes. Until it completes I am helpless.
Completely at it's mercy. Any idea's on what is happening here? Has
anyone else experienced the same problem? I believe it is some sort if
"cleaning" of the file system going on because of the length of time
between occurrences. Almost the same length of time has past between the
two instances.

If this is some sort of "cleaning" job going on here, and if it affects
me in this manner, I would assume that sooner or later someone else will
be affected also. If they have not already. It is very annoying and
can make you madder then @#%$ when all your work is lost.

Any helpful ideas? If it's something that will affect all Indy users,
it will definitely need fixed ASAP. I have checked all the log files I
can think of and I'm....

Clue less in Florida
R.G. Mayhue