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Status reports.

[NOTE: This is not ment as a personal criticism, but as an observation]

I think that the recent problems/confusions regarding which files should
be linked to, etc. indicates that something needs to be done about the
communication of the current projects and plans status.

It seems that the developer(s) are not communicating with the 'web weaver'
about what has changed/been updated. If this isn't done, the changes won't
be reflected on the web site, which is the face of an organisation like
this. This (as we've just seen) can result in outdated links making it
difficult for visitors to find (let alone install) Indy. This is BAD from
an organisation that aims to be user-friendly. With Unix you may have been
expected to grep through whole ftp sites looking for the files you need,
but with Indy, the files should be there, linked to and obvious.

I suggest that once a week or so (or when anything major happens) the
different 'departments' should report back on the changes that have been
made in the past week. These could be noted in a file which is then posted
to this list, where it could be HTMLised and put on the web site. 

(e.g. In a few weeks I was thinking I might start having a look at how the
security of Indy could be improved (i.e. are the apps we're including the
best/easiest avaliable, is there anything that could do with being
included/adapted, etc..) With this scheme I'm proposing, once a week (or
so) I would note down what I'd done, what I'm planning on doing, etc...
and post it to this list and on the web site.)

This would not only serve to keep those invloved upto date on the progess
of Indy, but also serve to show those who visit the site that Indy is
still alive and progressing. It would also aid the updating of the TODO
list, which I've just checked, and it starts off by saying "Tasks for the
0.2 version". I can't remember exactly when it happened, but didn't the
0.2 version get renamed to the 6.0-0.8 version and then get frozen so work
could start on the 6.1-0.8 version? 

Again, this is not ment as a personal criticism of the people involved in
the current scheme, just an observation that there are now more people
involved in the project, and I feel something should be in place to keep
them (us) upto date on what is happening. 

Just an idea, feel free to shoot it down in flames, if you so desire.

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