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Re: Status reports.

> It seems that the developer(s) are not communicating with the 'web weaver'
> about what has changed/been updated. 

This has been slightly problematic. Initially, we had weekly status
reports. These eventually stopped, but at the time it wasn't much of a
problem because I was much more active ( at the time I was doing a lot of
packaging ) 

The other problem has been that we've had a hard time getting others
involved with the website. The problem is that noone seems very serious. A
lot of people say "yeah, I'll help design the webpage", but when it comes
to the crunch, they can't even get started ( ie get the site downloaded to
a box with apache and ssh installed ). 

> I suggest that once a week or so (or when anything major happens) the
> different 'departments' should report back on the changes that have been
> made in the past week. These could be noted in a file which is then posted
> to this list, where it could be HTMLised and put on the web site. 

I like the idea of having proposed changes to parts of the site posted in
plain text to the mailing list.

> included/adapted, etc..) With this scheme I'm proposing, once a week (or
> so) I would note down what I'd done, what I'm planning on doing, etc...
> and post it to this list and on the web site.)

Sounds good. With something like security updates, it's probably worth
trying to find an easy way to post it to the website ( ie have each update
in a seperate text file and take advantage of apache's features such as
CGI or better, server side includes. ) 

> still alive and progressing. It would also aid the updating of the TODO
> list, which I've just checked, and it starts off by saying "Tasks for the
> 0.2 version". I can't remember exactly when it happened, but didn't the
> 0.2 version get renamed to the 6.0-0.8 version and then get frozen so work
> could start on the 6.1-0.8 version? 

A lot of the stuff on the website is out of date. I've already chopped the
stuff that's so out of date as to be irrelevant. There are some pages that
need updating. Jean has been informed of this and the appropriate pages
will be redone.