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Re: Status reports.

> I am willing to help with the web site. I seem to remember a while back a
> request was made for people to help, and several people volunteered
> (myself included), but, as I recall, no information was forth coming about
> what EXACTLY needed to be done. 

I needed people to have ssh, apache, and a local mirror of the website. At
the time, we were looking for someone who wanted to take over the main

> > *	People to hunt down and test new software packages that we can add
> > 	to the distribution
> I plan on doing that shortly with security related products.

Cool. We also need a place to upload security related packages ( sorry, I
can't remember if this issue was resolved ). I am running OpenBSD on a
server, and have a few of my own ideas about packages we could add also.

I may be able to help make your ideas manifest in the form of RPM
packages (-;

> If this is the case, it could do with being made clear on the page. (It
> may already be so, I've not checked since I signed up.)

It looks clear enough to me. It says ...
"If you are interested in contributing... " ( instructions to subscribe
to the list )
  ... " If you are interested in joining up, we recommend that you fill
out this form ... "

ie it doesn't look mandatory to me.

> Also, since this is the only list (the only one I aware of, anyway ;) it

It is. We have been more or less completely open from the beginning.