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Re: Status reports.

On Sun, 28 Nov 1999, Donovan Rebbechi wrote:

> > I'm familiar-ish with PHP (i.e. have used it to include a text file on my
> > web site, is it supported on cran?
> If you are just looking at including text files, server side includes are
> probably the easiest way to do it. It's pretty simple: basically, you just
> do this:
> <!--#include virtual="/path/file.html" -->
<? include "URL of file"; ?>

I used PHP because it worked first time (#include didn't) and can include
remote files, which I'm not sure if #include can.
> > If you need a hand updating stuff, just yell. I've got the Indy.tar.gz
> > sitting in my ~/ and apache installed on my server, and ssh running on my
> > desktop.
> Cool. Here's something you could help with:
> Firstly, I like the idea of having multi-level links. Maybe we
> should work to using the same navigation bar for the whole site.
> This would involve modifying 
> /head.shtml
> so that it includes the links in the files
> /distribution/head.shtml
> /developers/head.shtml

While we're doing this, perhaps we could also integrate the security area
and create a status area that includes details about recent
changes/updates with the web site/distribution/anything else affecting the
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