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Re: I still can't help

On Mon, 29 Nov 1999, Lee Sharp wrote:

>    That said, I will again offer to take over the web site.  Conditions: No
> SSI, SSH, PHP.  

SSH is a necessary security measure for the site. Rule 1 for the site is
"no plain text passwords". That means "use ssh".

There are ssh clients for NT. I am not sure how you use scp ( which you
need for file transfers ) on windows though.

BTW, in defence of SSI, I'll say that it makes maintenance easier  since
you can just maintain one file instead of maintaining the same block of
text within several files. Not using SSI will not make maintenance easier
( and could easily make it harder ). As for PHP, we're not using it just

Re browser portability, I've tested the site in IE which I run under
VMWARE. It looks just the same ( as it should. The html is pretty
"standard" ). As for servers, we don't need mirrors that
badly, and most of the sites that will want to mirror us wil be running