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Re: I still can't help

>I feel that not everybody did entirely agree on my last mail.

>Has anybody of you ever taken notice of "the cathedral and the bazaar",
>the now popular article about the power open source?

>You say you get a lot of people who are willing to contribute, but don't
>do a thing in practice. The reason is in my eyes is that they cannot
>try. They all have limited spare time and are not sure if they can spend
>it on you.

   YES!  A long time ago, I was one of the "active" members.  I got tied up
in a job search and never came back. :-)  Part of the reason was the
difficulty in doing so.  I could maintain the Web site with no problem.
But...  At work, we are an NT environment.  I have Apache for NT, but no SSH
and PHP.  No web admin possibilities for me.  I also use Front Page (editor,
not integrated web crap) to edit.  Much as I would like it to be different,
there are no good html editors for Linux. (first one to say VI gets it in
the teeth. :-)  )  So, it being too much work to do any work, I did nothing
but lurk for the last 6 months.

   That said, I will again offer to take over the web site.  Conditions: No
SSI, SSH, PHP.  It will be plane vanilla, and will look the same in MSIE,
Netscape, and KFM.  It will run the same on Apache, Netscape Enterprise ( oh
sorry...  I-Planet ) or IIS.  I am a big fan of portability.  It is one of
the great things about open source.  ( that it can be MADE portable if not
already )  I said all this before (a little nicer at the time :-)  ) and was
not made web admin. :-)  Likely I will not be again.  However, having an
easily portable web site ( both browsers and servers ) make maintenance
easier, and mirroring much more likely...  Please see the large grain of
salt sent as a Mime: attachment. :-)