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Re: Sharing netscape mail folders w/ Windoze

> On Mon, 29 Nov 1999, Brian wrote:
> > Communicator 4.7 seems to be okay.  I have been using the Win and Linux
> >[snip...]
> > reading the messages gives garbled info - body of message A appears
> > under the subject for message B, etc).  Any ideas? (Netscape doesn't
> > give any help on their web pages or in the help file for the Linux
> > version.)
> > 
> I think the problem here might be the difference in the way text is
> read and written in both operating systems. Windows uses ASCII CR/LF
> (Carriage Return / Line Feed) characters at the end of a line and Linux
> uses LF only. I believe that EOF (End Of File) is different also.
> I believe Linux can automatically convert the files when the file is
> being read. I think you need to edit /etc/fstab and add either the
> 'text' or 'auto' option.
> Can anyone else confirm this for Brian? I didn't actually look this up.
> --
> R.G. Mayhue
> rgmayhue@serenesoftware.com

There was a thread on this exact topic in comp..inux.networking -- I noticed
it among the "featured" threads at searchlinux.com :


The conclusion was that sharing does work, with linux and windows versions 
each building their own summary files. 
I didn't see anybody mention use of the 'auto' option for mounting the vfat 
partition, but it sounds like a good bet for fixing problems with the
summary files generated by the linux version (keep in mind that you're using
conversion though, because at some point you might need remount without 
that option if you ever want to access from linux a binary file without any 
of the "known" binary extensions such as .exe, .jpg, .tgz, .rpm, etc)
After remounting with the 'auto' conversion, you should delete the .*.summary
files from your nsmail directory so that linux netscape will recreate them.

                              S. Lockwood