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Re: Losing memory and Communicator 4.7

On Mon, 29 Nov 1999, Brian wrote:
> I had a similar, but different, problem.  With my previous 0.8 install,
> running as root (for installs or configuration changes), resulted,
> without fail, in something eating up all the available H/D space.  I
> use.  I never got any disk space back and had to re-install.  The
> problem only showed up when logged in as root.  Running du didn't show
> any overly large directories.  Any thoughts?  (I have had no problems
> with the new install.)
I saw that you posted this question to NoWonder. I did not answer
because for (1) I did not no the answer to the problem, and (2) I
wanted to see if anybody else on the NoWonder staff could answer you
question. I guess it is safe to assume that you did not get a
satisfactory answer. If memory serves me right you posted the same
question on this list earlier. I did not have a clue then either!
> Communicator 4.7 seems to be okay.  I have been using the Win and Linux
> reading the messages gives garbled info - body of message A appears
> under the subject for message B, etc).  Any ideas? (Netscape doesn't
> give any help on their web pages or in the help file for the Linux
> version.)
I think the problem here might be the difference in the way text is
read and written in both operating systems. Windows uses ASCII CR/LF
(Carriage Return / Line Feed) characters at the end of a line and Linux
uses LF only. I believe that EOF (End Of File) is different also.

I believe Linux can automatically convert the files when the file is
being read. I think you need to edit /etc/fstab and add either the
'text' or 'auto' option.

Can anyone else confirm this for Brian? I didn't actually look this up.


R.G. Mayhue