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Re: Losing memory and Communicator 4.7

Birger Langkjer wrote:
> I don't know how to preserve your *.snm files, in fact I've often had to delete
> those pesky index files to force the mailclients to rebuild them to get rid of
> the garbled text. Kmail, XFmail, Win32-Netscape a.o. all use their own
> indexformats. But atleast the unix mbox format is 99% compatible, Outlook
> Express is completely incompatible. The main reason I migrated completely to
> Linux was because I could get my mailboxes to work under Linux but not under
> Win.

Too bad that Netscape can't deal with the differences in the
application.  Maybe complaints from semi-converts like me will get their
attention.  It shouldn't be too hard to deal with at the time of
creating the summary.

Brian Wiens