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Re: Losing memory and Communicator 4.7

Den man, 29 nov 1999 skrev du:
> "R.G. Mayhue" wrote:

> Communicator 4.7 seems to be okay.  I have been using the Win and Linux
> versions with no problems (even got the Calendar client working in an NT
> environment!).  I do have one problem - because I am working with a dual
> boot machine (but trying to stay in Linux) I have lots of legacy e-mail
> in Netscape mail folders.  Messages received in Linux are
> filed/summarized properly.  However, under Linux, Messenger shows the
> Win *.snm files as additional folders and can't show properly any
> message received when running Windows (splits between messages don't
> seem to be picked up, all the titles appear in the summary window, but
> reading the messages gives garbled info - body of message A appears
> under the subject for message B, etc).  Any ideas? (Netscape doesn't
> give any help on their web pages or in the help file for the Linux
> version.)

I don't know how to preserve your *.snm files, in fact I've often had to delete
those pesky index files to force the mailclients to rebuild them to get rid of
the garbled text. Kmail, XFmail, Win32-Netscape a.o. all use their own
indexformats. But atleast the unix mbox format is 99% compatible, Outlook
Express is completely incompatible. The main reason I migrated completely to
Linux was because I could get my mailboxes to work under Linux but not under

Med venlig hilsen/Best regards
Birger Langkjer