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Re: Replacement for SSI

> A 'compiled' version of the site could be made up (using wget?) and posted
> with the indy.tar.gz file. It is not hard to convert .shtml to .html (it
> is done everytime a request for that page is made), so I don't see why
> this can't be done. Any alterations to the site could be feed to someone
> with access to machine with SSI capabilities, like me or Donovan, and the
> altered pages then converted back to SSI.
> I suggest going for the latter option (creating a 'compiled' version), as
> that would be easier to implement, I feel. And currently I wouldn't mind
> taking submissions and turning them back to SSI.

This is not such a bad idea. I am not sure how easy it would be. wget has
all sorts of problems with things like style sheets and any non-html file. 

Of course, at present, I have no problem with converting files back to
ssi. SO people can download pages and edit them, and I can reconvert them.
I could also easily make a script that would reconvert.

Given the current format of the site, it would be simple enough to get a
perl script that could convert the pages into a "compiled version". The
only problem is that we'd need to change the script every time we used
more SSI features.