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Re: I still can't help

On Mon, 29 Nov 1999, Lee Sharp wrote:

>    YES!  A long time ago, I was one of the "active" members.  I got tied up
> in a job search and never came back. :-)  Part of the reason was the
> difficulty in doing so.  I could maintain the Web site with no problem.
> But...  At work, we are an NT environment.  I have Apache for NT, but no SSH
> and PHP.  No web admin possibilities for me.  I also use Front Page (editor,
> not integrated web crap) to edit.  Much as I would like it to be different,
> there are no good html editors for Linux. (first one to say VI gets it in
> the teeth. :-)  )  So, it being too much work to do any work, I did nothing
> but lurk for the last 6 months.

A wysiwyg editor for linux is Netscape's one (composer?) It comes in the
std netscape package. It may not be the best one avaliable, but if you
really insist on using a wysiwyg editor... and, yes I do hand roll all my
pages in VI. ;)
>    That said, I will again offer to take over the web site.  Conditions: No
> SSI, SSH, PHP.  

If people are being put off by the use of SSI, then I think we could look
at doing something else. I'll suggest an idea in my next post.

The use of SSH (Secure Shell) is dictated by the admin of the server that
hosts the web/ftp sites. Nothing can be done about this. I feel that it is
a good idea, and don't see why it should be a limiting factor. Free SSH
win clients are avaliable (check out the FAQ linked to from ssh's main

If the use of ssh is turning people away, the I _might_ be able to set up
some accounts on my box, where people telnet in, and then use ssh from my
box to cran. But I don't understand how SSH is a limiting factor. If it's
due to unawareness of win clients, then I'll write up something, and
include details of how to use it, and scp, which is IMHO easier to use for
transfering files. And I've only used it once.

PHP is not used, it was just sometihng I mentioned I used instead of SSI
on my web site.

> It will be plane vanilla, and will look the same in MSIE,
> Netscape, and KFM.

AFAIK it does work the same in browsers, or if not the difference in
appearence is just a difference, it doesn't make the site look bad, or
broken. It looks the same in every version of lynx I use. :)

If it is not compatible with all browsers, then this does need to be
addressed. Now.

BTW: what's KFM?

> It will run the same on Apache, Netscape Enterprise ( oh
> sorry...  I-Planet ) or IIS.  

I don't think this is a big issue, the host runs apache, the mirror I'm in
the process of setting up uses apache.

If this is causing problems with being able to edit it, then perhaps we
should think about accounts on cran, or another server that /is/ running

BTW: Is apache really the only web server that works with SSI?

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