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Re: I still can't help

>A wysiwyg editor for linux is Netscape's one (composer?) It comes in the
>std netscape package. It may not be the best one avaliable, but if you
>really insist on using a wysiwyg editor... and, yes I do hand roll all my
>pages in VI. ;)

   I edit the raw code, but preview and import to the wysi<sometimes>wyg
interface.  I can work much quicker when edit and preview are just tabs.
And visual cut and past works quite well, especially with tables.  That
said, I had not seen netscapes, and will look at it asap.  Need to reinstall
Inde anyway. :-)

>>    That said, I will again offer to take over the web site.  Conditions:

>If people are being put off by the use of SSI, then I think we could look
>at doing something else. I'll suggest an idea in my next post.

>The use of SSH (Secure Shell) is dictated by the admin of the server that
>hosts the web/ftp sites. Nothing can be done about this. I feel that it is
>a good idea, and don't see why it should be a limiting factor. Free SSH
>win clients are avaliable (check out the FAQ linked to from ssh's main

   I never need a cli on the server.  I do need to transfer files.  I know
of no Win SSH ftp clients that actually work.  If you know differently, I am

>If the use of ssh is turning people away, the I _might_ be able to set up
>some accounts on my box, where people telnet in, and then use ssh from my
>box to cran. But I don't understand how SSH is a limiting factor. If it's
>due to unawareness of win clients, then I'll write up something, and
>include details of how to use it, and scp, which is IMHO easier to use for
>transfering files. And I've only used it once.

   I got a sun box for that.  I could also set up FTP locally, and SSH and
pull from the Inde site.  A huge pain in the backside that could be fixed
easier.  See my post to the list. :-)

>PHP is not used, it was just something I mentioned I used instead of SSI
>on my web site.

>> It will be plane vanilla, and will look the same in MSIE,
>> Netscape, and KFM.

>AFAIK it does work the same in browsers, or if not the difference in
>appearence is just a difference, it doesn't make the site look bad, or
>broken. It looks the same in every version of lynx I use. :)

>If it is not compatible with all browsers, then this does need to be
>addressed. Now.

   See post... :-)  It doesn't.

>BTW: what's KFM?

K File Manager.  Much like Windows 98, the file manager can view web pages,
and is very thin.  <assumming you are already running KDE, which is less

>> It will run the same on Apache, Netscape Enterprise ( oh
>> sorry...  I-Planet ) or IIS.

>I don't think this is a big issue, the host runs apache, the mirror I'm in
>the process of setting up uses apache.

   It is for development and testing.  Not to mention the "security" website
which has to be outside of the US for legal crypto reasons.

>If this is causing problems with being able to edit it, then perhaps we
>should think about accounts on cran, or another server that /is/ running

>BTW: Is apache really the only web server that works with SSI?

   SSi is often an non-standard standard.  Sucks, but true...