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Re: I still can't help

> >A wysiwyg editor for linux is Netscape's one (composer?) It comes in the
> >std netscape package. It may not be the best one avaliable, but if you
> >really insist on using a wysiwyg editor... and, yes I do hand roll all my
> >pages in VI. ;)
>    I edit the raw code, but preview and import to the wysi<sometimes>wyg
> interface.  I can work much quicker when edit and preview are just tabs.
> And visual cut and past works quite well, especially with tables.  That
> said, I had not seen netscapes, and will look at it asap.  Need to reinstall
> Inde anyway. :-)
As another side point, it would be very worthwhile to gather a list of
the wysiwyg html editors (bluefish, composer, etc etc etc) for Linux,
and pull together a little comparison chart or otherwise useful summary,
so all the other people out there who haven't heard of half of them and
haven't tried most of them will have a better place to start.

This would be a useful document for the whole world, and might bring
other people interested in writing similar docs.


Let me know if you're interested in doing this,