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Re: I still can't help

>>    Hence the problem... :-)  There are some alternatives, however.  How
>> about one of the many Perl scripts from a SS7 page?  Set up a perl based
>> upload for the primary web server...  Your own security, and easy on the
>> users.

>Upload scripts are a bad idea. I'd rather avoid them.

   I can understand the feeling.  I even would go so far as to agree.
However, it makes uploading hard or impossible for some potential
developers.  <Unless we can find a good SSH aware FTP client>

>>    I am running MSIE 4.0 SP2, and the SSI is broke when I view.  Has to
>> with color in the left bar.

>This could be something to do with the style sheet. It has nothing to do
>with SSI. ( if it did, the html itself would be wrong ). I'll try playing
>around with the style sheet.

   Doh!  <Slaps head>  Why are we using a style sheet anyway?  It is the
mental fudging of style sheets and SSI that led to my Browser
incompatibility statement removed from this message. ;-)  Sorry.