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Re: I still can't help

Donovan Rebbechi wrote:
> Seriously, do you have any experience managing open source projects, or
> are you just blowing smoke ? If you don't have any such experience, can
> you quit lecturing us about project management ? Thanks.

Actually I haven't. I know that my last two mails weren't really
positive. I apologize for that. It was just because I thought "Hey,
here's a project that I like, and maybe I can do something for it" and
then my first experience was that the links were out of date. (This
experience is best explained as "uh-oh!" - an alert that something could
be wrong.)

Another part of my frustration is because I really WANT to try if I can
be of any use. But _because_ I've never done projects, I find it
terribly hard to do such a thing. As you say, lots of people make
promises but they seldomly start doing the work. I feel a little bad
about this, because I cannot tell from experience whether or not I'll be
one of those people.


But let's start all over then. Hi, I'm Stefan :-), and I'd like to see
what I can do for this website of yours. I installed SSI as well as
Apache. I am currently running Debian, however I have a partition free
for Indy.

I could also get php3. But to be honest, I don't yet fully understand
how I could use all these programs for developing the website. I also
don't know exactly what needs to be done. Can anybody tell me that,

FYI: I am not capable of making a mirror; I do not have a static IP
address etc. Also I guess I'm not capable of maintaining this site
(maintaining as in "webmaster"), but I'll help where I can
(illustrations, design, writing etc.).

OK, phew. :-) I'll promise to do a GoodStart next time...


...david webster wrote:

"I think that points like this NEED to be made. Don't worry about being
flamed, as long as you don't go shooting your mouth off and don't get
personal with the insults, I won't flame. Constructive criticism is
needed on projects like this."

Thanks. I guess I'm like a politician when it comes to discussions.
Again, I am just hoping that I can do something and was a little bit
frustrated about how hard it is for a beginner to "break on through to
the developers side". Seeing that there's work on this project that
"even I" could do, made me a little over-enthousiast.


Well, that's it for today :-) Hope someone can drag me through all of
the gory details about maintaining the website; I guess I'll need it ;-)