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Re: I still can't help

> But let's start all over then. Hi, I'm Stefan :-), and I'd like to see
> what I can do for this website of yours. I installed SSI as well as
> Apache. I am currently running Debian, however I have a partition free
> for Indy.

This is a whole lot better. Did you download the tarball of the website ?
If not, you can try doing this, and set up a "local mirror" on your hard

You'll need to add a VirtualHost in your httpd.conf file such as
<VirtualHost independence>
Documentroot /home/indy/public_html
ServerName independence

Then make yourself an /etc/hosts entry	independence

Restart apache and the website should be on http://independence/

> I could also get php3. 

At present, we don't use it.

> But to be honest, I don't yet fully understand
> how I could use all these programs for developing the website.

Server side includes (SSI) is a feature of apache, not a program. It's
used mostly to include files. The server side directives in the shtml file
look like this:

<!--#command arguments -->

The commands are self-explanatory.

>  I also
> don't know exactly what needs to be done. Can anybody tell me that,
> please?

If you can make the website prettier, feel free to play with it, and show
us what you can come up with.  All the template-related stuff is in the
files /head.shtml , /developers/head.shtml , /distribution/head.shtml

Right now, we need to work on some content, and when it's done, it wil
need to be posted to the website.