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Re: AutoDocs

> From: "Lee Sharp" <lee@insync.net>
> Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 16:27:39 -0600
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>    To break out of the old thread... :-)  I am still interested in doing the
> AutoDocs.  Do we have something resembling a complete build so that I can
> start an Inde Walkthrough install?  Is there a 6.1 buildable thing I can
> slap on a Windows FTP site local for a install test while writing Docs?  I
> know 6.1 is still rough, but do I just lay the differential on top of a RH
> 6.1 and go to town?  http://www.insync.net/~lee/AutoDocs/ for a reminder of
> what I was doing.  This would ship as a part of the distribution and come up
> under help.
>             Lee

I fear the 6.1 is still uncomplete specilly I have to play beggar for
people letting me use their net access at work so there are thungs
sitting in my disk.

Use Antaeus because the first 6.1 will be just for getting even with
RH ie no much additional stuff besides COBRA ie the video optimizer
and this one will be transparent for the user (just let it do its job
at boot time).

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses