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Re: Web site, SSI, SSH, and Windows SCP

On Tue, 30 Nov 1999, Donovan Rebbechi wrote:
> > The way I read the post that described the script was that it would 'make'
> > the files in the web directory, and sub directories of it. I do not think
> This was also my impression. BTW, it's similar to what I used to have
> > would enable anyone with knowledge of it the ability to put ANYTHING on
> > the server.
> I agree. It'd be a back door.
I realize that Roger's script doesn't move the files. I'm sorry if I
implied that. I didn't mean to mislead everyone. I guess what I should
have said is that it gave _me_ an idea to move the files. I just thought
that if something similar could be developed and not compromise the
safety of the site, it would be easier then Roger creating accounts
(assuming that for some crazy reason all kinds of projects get started
requiring pages!) every time a new project page is required.

A little overkill on my part8) A guess that would need to wait UNTIL
we have too many projects going! 
> > I think that Roger's script is a good idea, and would probably be worth
> > looking at. It sounds like it does almost what the one I described does,
> In a nutshell, I am very eager to see these scripts, but don't want to use
> them for the site now.
Check out this use of m4 http://www.bit.net.au/~bhepple/using_m4/using_m4.html

BTW I downloaded the Indy web site and installed it. Is the tar ball
updated regularly? The version I have does not reflect the latest


R.G. Mayhue