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Re: Web site, SSI, SSH, and Windows SCP

> If you included the text file in the page like:
> <PRE>
> < #include "page address"> [Or whatever the correct directive is]
> </PRE>
> It should work. 

If you fix your syntax, it will work fine (-;

> The way I read the post that described the script was that it would 'make'
> the files in the web directory, and sub directories of it. I do not think

This was also my impression. BTW, it's similar to what I used to have

> would enable anyone with knowledge of it the ability to put ANYTHING on
> the server.

I agree. It'd be a back door.

> I think that Roger's script is a good idea, and would probably be worth
> looking at. It sounds like it does almost what the one I described does,

And very similar to how I used to maintain the site.

> except that it can be automated using cron. If it was automated, then
> there would be no problems with people having to learn how to use it. They
> would just have to understand that they put a file in the directory, run
> the command (or wait for cran to do it), and the command will include the
> header and footer and some formatting to the file. 

There are some potential problems. For example, this kind of thing can
really hose the site if you are not careful. Also, it will make it harder
for developers to set up web mirrors. And it makes it impossible to
preview your results until you've run "make". Personally, I'm happy with
server side includes, though I am certainly very interested in the idea of
using make ( btw, maybe you could build your system around this make based
architecture. ). I could see it being useful, though  I do not want to
begin a wholesale  adoption of it now.

In a nutshell, I am very eager to see these scripts, but don't want to use
them for the site now.