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installing indy from redhat?


I'm having little trouble getting Indy (slow connection). I wondered if
I could just first install redhat and than add changes instead? I can
easily get redhat.

(Wonder: wouldn't a modem bootdisk be interesting? Why does no
distribution known to me have that? And cable modem?)



P.S.: My NE2000 card worked well with the independence 6.0 disk. This
time, I tried probing (I thought it was impossible). When trying
manually though, I got a message that he hasn't found my card.

On the RedHat 6.1 netboot disk, this message is missing - this seems
like a little bug. When the card is not found, it continues the install
(as I recall) until it wants to reach the net - then it starts all over
again! Maybe this is of interest to some of you.