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Re: installing indy from redhat?

> I'm having little trouble getting Indy (slow connection). I wondered if
> I could just first install redhat and than add changes instead? I can
> easily get redhat.

That is why the differentails directory was made for.

> (Wonder: wouldn't a modem bootdisk be interesting? Why does no
> distribution known to me have that? And cable modem?)

Installtion by modem would require over 24 hours and that if you are
not too heavy handed on what you select.  In Europe this is far more
expensive than a boxed distribution.

> Greets,
> Stefan
> P.S.: My NE2000 card worked well with the independence 6.0 disk. This
> time, I tried probing (I thought it was impossible). When trying
> manually though, I got a message that he hasn't found my card.
> On the RedHat 6.1 netboot disk, this message is missing - this seems
> like a little bug. When the card is not found, it continues the install
> (as I recall) until it wants to reach the net - then it starts all over
> again! Maybe this is of interest to some of you.

The next Indy will use the 6.0 and not the 6.1 installer: there are
bugs I don't have the resources to fix and in addition the install
does not support multiple CDs, given that the 6.1 installer needs 50
Megs of CD space I prefer use the space for programs useful after the
install.  A nice install is great for marketing but the easiest
install is go to Lug.  But a LUG wil not solve your problems of
_using_ Linux.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses