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Well the is out.  However the SRPMS are still unsorted between
the diiferent copyrights.

I have uploaded the Software_list files so we will be able to build
the directories of the distrib (Independence, NoCD, Conflicts and
Undecided) and keep them synced with the web site by simply running a
script.  I will write it tomorrow: this project will have made me
learn Perl.

There are also a couple of RPMS we will have to add for legality like
the one containing the initial page for RedHat.

Then improve the merger script for it using a "blacklist" of packages
who must be suppressed of the distrib.  Mostly those claiming the
distrib is a RedHat distrib.

About the RPMS the Softare_list file in the Undecided directory
contains the list of packages I don't know about copyright either
because they were built by Donovan or because the doc is unclear and I
don't know who to ask about status (ghostscript-fonts).

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses