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I have provided substitutes for those packages of RedHat who needed to
be substituted for copyright reasons or who had been broken by newer
software.  I will upload them tomorrow along with an improved version
of the merger script who will handle black lists (packages who must be
removed of the end distrib).

Then what will be left will be a little testing and writing an
inspired announce.  After the announce first task should be
modernizing the hottest or more useful software conatined in the
distrib.  Then hacking the install for resolving conflicts in order to
no longer be forced to keep software like alternative mail agents or
new servers outside of the distrib proper.

I also want to try zmailer.  For now we provide qmail but I am not
convinced by it.  Sure it is fast, but is not as universal as I would
like, in addition its copyright has restrictions.  Zmailer is GPLed
and seems to be able to do well things Qmail is not so grreat at.  If
Zmailer is not more difficult to configure, and has a secure design
then I would lend to sendmail.

About this I wuld like to have the opinion of someone knowing about
mail agents.   I know little about them.

Until now I wasn't conviced by the usefulness of Wine, but now it
supports a major application: Starcraft.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses