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I forgot to tell I also built LinuxConf 1.12, rpm2html and rpmfind.
The later will tell you if your distrib is up to date and the the
extra packages you have to transfer.  Only problem is there is no half
decent doc.  Perhaps we should point it to the Indepeendence site
intead of the w3 site as the original version does.

However don't hold your breath for the uploading: I need to find
either political asylum for uploadings or a kind soul willing to
rebuild and uplooad (glibc and c++ 2.8 mandatory) or get the new
phone rates.

Also I am asking myself if it is wise to keep certain software in the
distrib: providing too many alternatives for the same task can be
confusing, a web site allows more diversity than a distribution where
when installing you look at hundreds of packages in a few minutes span.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses