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Perl scripts

I uploaded the link_maintainer script.  It uses a file named
"Software_list" in the directory to build links in a such way that
only programs whose legal or dependency status belongs to this
directory get included in it.  This allows changing versions without
having do maintenance.

Two imadiate tasks: I found it breaks if there are two identical files
in the web site directories.  And "sprocket" has two identical copies.

In addition the "merger" script (the one merging Redhat, its errata
and our software) needs to be tweaked for handling subdire.

Then build the SRPMS subdirs for the distrib subdirs (ie sort them
according to status like done for RPMS).

Then try to modernize some RPMS who are now very old.

I have looked a bit at the TurboLinux (Pacific High Tech) distrib and
I found plenty of Perl scripts doing precuisely what we need: they
were confronted with the same problem: merging their addenda with a
vanilla RedHat.  Pity I didn't look at it before yesterday.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses