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Re: Quantifying the benefits of kernel recompiling

jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:
> I think we must dispel the myth about "thou hast to recompile
> your kernel".  Even a book like "Linux for dummies" bows to it. 
> This plays into enemy's hands.

But Linux is not for Domies :) ... Well not yet, :)
> Official doctrine should be: "if you have above 16 Megs don't
> bother".

Makes sense.  After all our target audience will get 64 Megs 
just to run StarOffice anyway.
> Also instead of telling people to learn how to recompile a
> kernel we should tell it is to the guy of the distribution to
> leazrn this.

A few notes on Distributions and Kernels.  Slackware offers at
the end of install to choose what Kernel you will be installing 
( There are several on the CD ).  RedHat dose not.

However with the advent of 2.2.0 and the Likelihood that 
SMP Machines will be finally affordable to normal people  ( At
a Local shop the SMP P2 Motherboard was only 15% above the 
single chip board ).  In that world ( Perhaps by christmas )
it will be worthwhile to add an extra question to our setup
or to improve the default Lilo.

I like the Later option.  The SlackWare LILO displays a prompt
with the different options ( often just dos and Linux ) without
the user needing to know he must press tab to see them.

How about adding a 3rd option to the default for SMP.  Although
this becomes kinda pointless when IIRC you need to chose how 
many chips at compile time.