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Re: Quantifying the benefits of kernel recompiling

jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:
> I have seen in Slashdot than Infoworld has an article about kernel
> compiling so I exploded.

One point about the infoworld article.  It says they meant to provide
a feature that RedHat didn't provide by default.  I.e. SMP.

The article failed however to mention that SMP requires hand editing
the Makefile.  

There are many little things that a Recompile will earn you and users
will do well to take note.  Specifically if you have some device that 
is just recently supported then you not only need to recompile but you 
need to get a development Kernel and the peripheral software it needs.

Our Target audience however doesn't need to Recompile a RedHat system
normally.  I like to think we are catering to those people who buy 
$ 700 PCs to do little jobs like run a business.