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Re: report2@sidney.remcomp.fr

Stephanie Lockwood wrote:

> > However don't hold your breath for the uploading: I need to find
> > either political asylum for uploadings or a kind soul willing to
> > rebuild and uplooad (glibc and c++ 2.8 mandatory) or get the new
> > phone rates.
> I've got hold of a RedHat5.1 cd now, which means in the near future I 
> could move to glibc in order to start helping you with things like that..
> Time to think about goals and priorities here.
> Do you see the libc branch as really getting anywhere and becoming useful, 
> or do you suspect that it will be fading out sooner rather than later?

When I created the project I wanted that from day one we would be able
to help people with their concrete problems.  That is why I wanted
a repository.  But glibc people were a minority so we needed a libc5
section to really help people.

About the repository: there are still many people using libc5, however
glibc is gaining ground.  In addition Suse 5.3 while libc5 based
allows running glibc programs.  Next edition of Caldera will be called
2.0 and I guess the change in version means radical changes and one of
them could be shifting to glibc.  Of course that does not mean Caldera
or Suse users will upgrade as soon as the new version hits the stands,
nor that CDs in books will magically change version.

On the other hand the future is glibc (HJ Lu has stopped mantaining
libc5) so the distrib proper will be glibc based.

> That's my main concern at this point, whether what I'll be doing now is
> useful; I can stand it if earlier efforts turn out to be wasted so don't
> be afraid to tell me the truth.

I would like providing libc5 software if I can because I want to help
people.  But because the strategic goal is the distrib and because
sooner or later libc5 will be phased out in Linux world I don't want
you "burn" yourself in it, nor remain in libc5 if your wish is to
upgrade.  Better handle the work to a libc5 die hard if we can find

> > Also I am asking myself if it is wise to keep certain software in the
> > distrib: providing too many alternatives for the same task can be
> > confusing, a web site allows more diversity than a distribution where
> > when installing you look at hundreds of packages in a few minutes span.
> I agree, too many alternatives coming up during an install are confusing
> to the novice. They prefer simplicity over choice.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses