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Re: State of the distribution (edited)

In message <19980926154421.9636.qmail@sidney.remcomp.fr>, jfm2@club-internet.fr
>> >  Shortcomings: We still don't have a half decent X-based Ftp client, we
>> wxftp ? 
>Wxftp is in the NoCD section due to copyright restrictions.  Out of
>the box the user will not have a good graphic ftp client.

Actually, wxftp is kind of a special case. I've been hosting his
page for a long time, at www.wxftp.seul.org. I've had some long
discussions about licensing with him; these resulting in his allowing
his source to be distributed, though he still has some way to go before
it is no longer proprietary software.

You have several options:

a) Ask him for permission to include it in your distrib. He will grant
it (not only because he said he would typically grant all such requests,
but also because he'd have to go find another home if he refused ;).
This is a good option if you think wxftp is cool enough that it's worth
having even if it's not free software (or if you have no qualms about
encouraging proprietary software).

b) Tell him that you want to include it as the primary graphical ftp
client in Independence, but it needs a better license.

I vote b. I'll talk to him further if you guys want.