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Re: current kernel config?

> How do I find the current kernel configuration in the Indy 2.2.5-15
> kernel? Would it be /usr/src/linux/arch/i386/defconfig ? I know that is
> the default kernel config, but is it the *current* config supplied by
> Red Hat (or Jean if he re-complied)? I have not changed anything.
That should be the current kernel config. RedHat patches it to show
their changes from the defaults settings included with pristine kernel source;
default defconfig that comes with the kernel is very, very minimal whereas
you see tons of things compiled as modules for RedHat's version. I don't
think Jean did recompile, as he is a strong believer in the default kernel
being good enough for over 90% of people (I just made that figure up, but
you get the picture).

                              S. Lockwood