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current kernel config?

How do I find the current kernel configuration in the Indy 2.2.5-15
kernel? Would it be /usr/src/linux/arch/i386/defconfig ? I know that is
the default kernel config, but is it the *current* config supplied by
Red Hat (or Jean if he re-complied)? I have not changed anything.

I need to know weather scsi-emulation is compiled directly into the
kernel or supported as a module. If it is the latter, I beleive I need
to recompile the kernel adding scsi-emulation by directly compiling it
into the kernel to make my ATAPI CD-RW work with cdrecord (xcdroast)
but I don't want the break the current config. If the defconfig is
correct, scsi-emulation is a module.

This is information I'm getting from the README.ATAPI in the
xcdroast-0.96e install (I downloaded the newest version for ATAPI
support). Dose anyone know of a better way?

R.G. Mayhue