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Re: fstab file

On Thu, 09 Sept 1999, JF Martinez wrote:
>The kernel doesn't even know about the fstab.  It happens that in the
>startup sequence there is a "mount -a -t types" who means that mount
>will try mounting every partition listed in the fstab who is of the
>adequate type.  If you use the short form of mounting then "mount"
>will look in the fstab.  If you use the long form
>"mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom" the mount ustilty will not check the
>fstab but it will not let you mount a filesystem if you are not root.
>In fact the kernel dooes not let the mount system call being performed
>by non root uses but in Linux the mount command is a setuid root program
>so non root users can mount partitions in case the fstab allows it.
Now I know a little more.