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Re: fstab file

> On Tue, 07 Sep 1999, on, Re: fstab file, you wrote:
> >> Don't know what I did to make line 0 bad.
> >> It is the   /dev/hdc1 / ext2 defaults 1 2 line.
> >> Now I can't mount other HDs. Any help?
> >
> >Can you send me a copy of your fstab? I might be able to help if I can
> >see it.
> >
> Thanks Pete,
>  This is from the KEdit editor, you see they are not aligned, used pico to
> align them and seemed to make no difference.
> I used Kedit to send this to Indy server, don't know if it did?
> Still experimenting Pete, if I just had a good card file like Windoze has to
> keep track of the books I read. Mostly mystery and I like to make comments
> about them etc. so I can dicker with others about them.
> The /mnt/fuji is an attempt to read the MO drive, I keep trying.
>    /dev/hdc1               /                       ext2    defaults       1 2
>  / dev/hdc8               /usr                    ext2    defaults        1 2

If the space between / and dev/hdc8 is really in your file then you
cannot mount /usr due to a syntax error in file and you cannot mount
the following lines bacause tyhey use /usr mount points.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses