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Re: Should we search for patronizing of the FSF?

On Wed, 8 Sep 1999, JF Martinez wrote:

> On the other hand our field is one where we cannot afford to be strict
> because free software has traditionally been weak at software for non
> hackers.  And FSF alliance can be a diifficult one to handle.

I don't think they'll like us (-; They'll see us as too "commercial". I
don't like the chances of this being succesful ( and I'm not that
comfortable with the idea anway )


I would just like to enunciate what has been reiterated by many hackers the
world over.  What needs to be generated now is the source code and
documentation for hackers to modify, compile, and link as their own Linux
based programs.  And we need to generate proper explanations to provide to
non-hackers a modicum of hacking ability which will allow them to do on a
small scale almost the same thing for themselves.  Hacking textbooks that
could after down loading be used by non-hackers to boot up their own brains
to a rudimentary hacking mode could provide them with the access to
customized end user programs that will then in turn popularize Linux
distributions and the Linux kernel.

Not free soft ware but   :

Access to explanations
source code

no more hiding the working end of the wrench within a morass of useless code