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RE: Do we change the slogan?


I don't like the part "by the people" very much. I do agree with the
principles of free software, but nevertheless I think that many "normal"
people want to have somebody who takes care of their computer problems.
And they don't like to have to rely on good will. They want to have somebody
(perhaps the computer dealer) who takes a little bit of money and gives
support in return.
Having to ask "the people" for support may scare the people ;-).

Even free software should be fair, which means that if I take something, I
want to give something, too. The normal user is not able to and doesn't want
to give something back which is related to computers. So there should be the
possibilty to give money back.
Linux for the masses should take into account this situation.

I'd prefer the former slogan "Independence, Linux for the masses".
Thinking about the origin of Independence a normal user will in first place
think about the person or organisation where she got the software, but not
about the programmers who actually built it (Sorry, programmers).
So, it shouldn't be "by the people", at least not within the headline

Having no organisation as a provider is a very suspicious concept for most
people. Confronting them with the idea of free software should be delayed
until they made some good experience with it.  

Gruß, Eberhard

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> Subject: Do we change the slogan?
> I am considering to change the slogan "Independence, Linux 
> for the masses"
> by "Independence: Linux for the people by the people"
> Opinions?   Better ideas?
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