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Re: Indy 0.8 Antaeus will be ready 17 september at about 23:30 GMT

On Fri, 17 Sep 1999, JF Martinez wrote:
> Betwween the shortcomings: it lacks doc, english and french are the
> only supported languages at install (lack of translators), the PPP
> configurator at install time is not very good, and it includes only
> Xfree 3.3.4 instead of 3.3.5.  Plus I would not be including in this
> release none of the improved printer configurator, the X accelerator
> or the additional printers.   I had to cut corners.
If we use the Lizard installer in the next release of Indy, PPP should
be no problem. As a matter of fact, we should be able to configure
several other things at install time. It looks rather promising.


R.G. Mayhue