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Re: Indy 0.8 Antaeus will be ready 17 september at about 23:30 GMT

> >Betwween the shortcomings: it lacks doc, english and french are the
> >only supported languages at install (lack of translators), the PPP
> >configurator at install time is not very good, and it includes only
> >Xfree 3.3.4 instead of 3.3.5.  Plus I would not be including in this
> >release none of the improved printer configurator, the X accelerator
> >or the additional printers.   I had to cut corners.
>    Lets get some more details here...  What Doc is missing?  What needs to

Doc about the additional programs we have included and the problems
they solve.  It is not uncommon to see in news groups people asking
for a proggram doing this and that when they have one sitting in their

> be done to add Xf 3.3.5 printers and acceleration?  I like being current

XFree 3.3.5 is a matter of downloading the SRPM from rufus.w3.org,
adding a couple of patches that I included in the 3.3.4 version (they
are leaytec to config files not to XFRee proper, so they will apply).
Then recompile the baast (you need at least 300 free megs and better
you are not using a 386 :-), and then uploading.

Printers: I wanted to add the support for HP's winprinters and add
them in the config tool, also because I work in a windows-dominated
company I find the config tool for SMB printers unadequate.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses