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Re: Lizard

On Sat, 18 Sep 1999, Bud wrote:
> Is that the Caldera 2.3 release?
> I've been talking a friend through the 2.2 release. A little difficult over the
> phone.
Has your friend ever installed Linux before? Personally I think windows
is harder to install if you have never been through an install before. 
To answer your question Bud, I think Lizard was first used in the 2.2
release. Now an improved version is being used in the 2.3 release.

Not that the Red Hat installer was or is bad. The Lizard installer is
based on the Qt tool kit and has a GUI with a look similar to KDE. The
installer is now being modularized, so that different modules can be
written and combined together with relative ease to "roll your own"
custom installer. IMO, it should be fairly easy to write custom modules
for Indy to improve the current online help system the installer uses
now (that would be a great start). To help eliminate the telephone
calls your talking about above.

I thought about tackling the RH installer, but knowing that Lizard was
going to be released, I waited. Now,I can begin my work on a first
class installer for Indy, without reinventing the wheel:-)


R.G. Mayhue