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Re: Lizard

On Sat, 18 Sept 1999
>> I've been talking a friend through the 2.2 release. A little difficult over the
>> phone.
>Has your friend ever installed Linux before? 

His first time. I have been an advocate of Linux, though I sure don't know much.

>Personally I think windows is harder to install if you have never been through
>an install before. 

That is what is making my friend convert, too many re-installs.

><lizard> To help eliminate the telephone calls your talking about above.

He was reading to me some of the help files that is accessed when installing,
which are sure not clear to a new user. His screen went blank and stayed blank,
I suspected it was loading X and with a ^-alt-backspace he was able to go back
to correct the memory he chose in the install as well as choosing the right
monitor. Otherwise?

It is the endemic terminology of installing any new system, probably would help
if one were able to communicate in plain English, or whatever language, what is
meant by certain words when installing. If there is to be more converts, there
needs to be a more common usage of descriptions, seems to me. I suppose most who
wish to convert are encouraged by using a bad system like Windoze to persevere.

>I thought about tackling the RH installer, but knowing that Lizard was 
>going to be released, I waited. Now, I can begin my work on a first
>class installer for Indy, without reinventing the wheel:-) 
>-- > >R.G. Mayhue

Good luck, I'm still clunking along.