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FW Caldera

           gtj@tesla.net.au (Glenn T. Jayaputera)

I believe there are some who have download version of 2.3
The problem is the license imposed by Caldera says that you
cannot redistribute/reproduce/resell 4 components of the 
distributions (one of them is Lizard) without written
permission from them.

Now, without Lizard, how the heck one would be able to
install Open Linux?  Also according to the license then,
you can download it but you cannot even lend it to your
friend because it is classified as "redistributing".

In the official box, the license section of the manual
it also says that you can only install Open Linux on a
single computer.  Means, you have 10 computers then
you have to buy 10 copies.

This is the only Linux distribution that I know that
has this kinda style of licensing.  I also heard that
Caldera throw a lawsuit against a company in The States
because they selling the GPL version.

From alt.os.linux