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Re: FW Caldera

It is very fashionable to start wildly fudding whenever
someone commits the "sin" of distributing commercial (gasp)
software. ( acknowledged that you didn't say this Bud. 
I'm addressing the post though. ) 

On Thu, 23 Sep 1999, Bud Beckman wrote:

> Now, without Lizard, how the heck one would be able to
> install Open Linux?  Also according to the license then,

You wouldn't be able to. But then, they aren't obliged to make 
OpenLinux a pure GPL distribution. They have always been a 
commercial distribution ( which is one of the main reasons 
why we didn't choose them ) 

> friend because it is classified as "redistributing".

Well, you can burn a CD for your friend containing all GPL;d
software in OL 2.3

> In the official box, the license section of the manual
> it also says that you can only install Open Linux on a
> single computer.  

Which is fair enough because it includes proprietary software

> This is the only Linux distribution that I know that
> has this kinda style of licensing.  I also heard that

This is pure unadulderated BS. RH have included commercial 
software licensed for one computer only for a long time. So 
have SuSE.

> Caldera throw a lawsuit against a company in The States
> because they selling the GPL version.

Well if their distribution includes software that's not 
licensed under the GPL, then the company in question is 
violating their license agreement with Caldera.