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Moving again

I was willing to make Indy evolve in small steps.  However when RedHat
7 beta was released I made the mistake to try tom kae it base distrib
since it solved us a crucial problem: multiCD installs.  This is not
possible because RedHat 7 has crucial packages in experminetal
versions.  Examples of these are glibc and gcc.  I am also not
convinced about their customizations of Gnome who make it very slow to
start when I compare it to Helix Gnome.

Thinking about it the best thing would be to move back to 6.2, change
its installer for the 7.0 one and make evolve this base.  Since Redaht
seems to be very conservative in its installer I dn't think it is a
good idea to try to continue following their steps and nearly
restarting from scratch each tme they release a new version.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses