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Re: Moving again

Hello jfm2,

Friday, September 01, 2000, 12:20:55 AM, you wrote:

jcif> I was willing to make Indy evolve in small steps.  However when RedHat
jcif> 7 beta was released I made the mistake to try tom kae it base distrib
jcif> since it solved us a crucial problem: multiCD installs.  This is not
jcif> possible because RedHat 7 has crucial packages in experminetal
jcif> versions.  Examples of these are glibc and gcc.  I am also not
jcif> convinced about their customizations of Gnome who make it very slow to
jcif> start when I compare it to Helix Gnome.

jcif> Thinking about it the best thing would be to move back to 6.2, change
jcif> its installer for the 7.0 one and make evolve this base.  Since Redaht
jcif> seems to be very conservative in its installer I dn't think it is a
jcif> good idea to try to continue following their steps and nearly
jcif> restarting from scratch each tme they release a new version.

Help please - I downloaded Indy and tried setting it up but when I try
to  install  I'm  told  that  I  don't  have  a  valid tree. Since the
information on the site is rather scanty can anyone help please.

Ya'akov Leighton

Best regards,
 Godfrey                            mailto:maor2@netvision.net.il