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Snapshot 2 here.

Snapshot 2 is available:

Changes respective to snapshot 1:
-Its main focus was modernization: kernel, XFree, gnome, abiword
-Like usual there is an effort in the graphics and printing area
 (Indy's gimp has color management and Indy has bleeding edge
 printer drivers).  In the sound and video area there is glame
 (gnu Linux audio mechanics), broadcast2000, xine
-In the server area the conjunction of ACLs and XFS allows
 Samba no longer being the poor man in an NT network
-As usual there was some software who was demoted: this time
it was turn of clustering software.
-Allows using SpeedTouch modems.  It is not as easy as I would
 like but allows the user a fighting chance.  I think Indy should
 make special efforts for supporting those kinds of peripherals
 you buy when you pay from your own pocket.  In future releases
  I hope I will be able to add several models of Winmodems.
-Documentation: rute and an Independence-HOWTOs for documenting
Indy specifics (for now it has only one HOWTO: SpeedTouch modems)

Snapshot 2 is available at:

Isos are available at:

Differential RPMS respective to RedHat are in:

Sources will be available tomorrow in: 

There will be no isos for sources in order to
save space (I also consider there is no real need
for isos from sources since it is not like for an
installation where all packages must be present and
there constraints about in which CD they are).

		Jean Francois Martinez

The Independence project: because Linux should be for everyone