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Plans for future releases.

Future releases will focus on two areas:

-Moving to a 7.2 base (we cannot fly with own wings at this stage). 
some of the specificities in snapshot 2 are merely more modern versions
packages in 7.1 they will be dropped and replaced with vanilla versions
with RedHat.  Of course packages who are specific to Indy or those who
Indy specific customisations will be kept.

-Changing installer and  moving to a Mandrake installer.  I refrained
from basing on
Mandrake due to the greater numbers of "ready to install" software and
drivers for RedHat.
But in the installer we have free hands and Mandrakze installer is IMHO

However web site is in an apalling state with broken links towards
crucial pages, a bad
"recruiting form" and old texts who no longer reflect what Indy is
about.  It is one of
the primary reasons it is not possible to make noise about Indy
milsetones.  So until I
get the web site in an acceptable state I will not start working on
future snapshot.

		Jean Francois Martinez

The Independence project: because Linux should be for everyone